Chakra training

ready to heal yourself and the world with Quantum Holographic Echo Healing®?


HEY Lightworker, I’m so glad you’re here, ready to tap into your spiritual potential with my revolutionary healing methods!


Feel a calling to offer healing and transformation for people and long to be using your life for this purpose?

Feel inspired by the thought of helping other people heal and transform their lives?

WANT TO become a vessel for HEALING others so that they can break free of destructive cycles AND stories that are keeping them stuck in the past and open to a deeper, more intimate and alive relationship with life?

FEEL DRAWN to create positive change and transformation in the world we live in today THROUGH YOUR SPIRITUAL GIFTS?




Learn how to use the pendulum in 4 easy steps

Ready to uncover those answers buried deep in your subconscious mind and clear your chakras of negative emotions?

Access this 4 part FREE video training on how to use a pendulum.

This 4 part training will walk you through:

  • An introduction to the Pendulum
  • How to create a sacred soul space 
  • How to remove the doubt in your ability
  • How to get yes or no answers with your Pendulum

It’s time to tap into your potential

quantum training

Our unique approach to Quantum healing takes you on a guided journey to self healing & empowerment by raising the consciousness of your thoughts, beliefs & emotions using our ground breaking healing modalities to interpret & release negative energetic imprinting causing a disruption or disturbance in your field and energetic flow.

Our training will help you:

  • Experience huge shifts in yourself, your relationships and your business leading to career & lifestyle satisfaction, inner peace and success.
  • Discover and identify your gifts and to lead on purpose and with clarity.
  • Have 100% confidence in your healing & intuitive abilities
  • Deliver incredible healing packages with incredible results each and every time you work with someone and have clients rave about your work to everyone they meet. 
  • Be known as the go to healer who has finally helped them overcome what many other therapists couldn’t.


Hi, I’m Anne-Marie, Practical Mystic & Spiritual Intuitive helping Light Workers like you, activate their healing gifts and impact the world with a my revolutionary healing modalities. Our training will equip you with the practical skills & in-depth knowledge to become a qualified energy healing practitioner ready and able to work with clients immediately. You will leave our training courses having a deeper and more powerful level of awareness in what is moving within you, what you actually want, and how you wish to BE in the world. And as you learn to offer this for others YOU TOO will receive this beautiful healing too.
Regardless if you are starting or adding to your current healing business, this is for you if you value spirituality in your life and are ready to step into a meaningful and profound career that leads others into alignment, success, and freedom, while creating your financial freedom.
Get Ready To:
  • Awaken your soul purpose
  • Activate your divine gifts
  • Move beyond your story and help others to do the same