Quantum Holographic Echo Healing™ is a ground breaking new healing technique and way of achieving optimal health and peace of mind for all.

It recognises that we humans are as much spiritual as we are physical and that the universe is one big energy field to which we are connected in many ways.

Quantum Holographic Echo Healing™ takes you on a journey through the body’s energy grid out into the conscious energy field and releases toxic mental energy and core beliefs. Science and spiritualty merge to combine two powerful healing forces. The 5 stages of healing allow perfect balance to be restored within the physical mental and emotional energy grids.

QHEH is offered as a Course for Practioners and as a Therapy.



Your reality is merely what others have told you it is, the truth is, if you can master your thoughts, you can rewrite a new and expanded consciousness, you will no longer be limited in what you can create.

QHEH teaches the principle of switching negative core beliefs to resonate with positive  thoughts, this allows synchronicity to take place, removing old patterns and patching new positive memories and affirmations. Learn techniques that put the art of manifesting firmly in your control.

Learn the new chakra system and how to balance the energies. Learn how to  take the quantum leap with your thoughts.

If you are a holistic therapist and would like to add another dimension to existing therapies this course is for you. QHEH can be used as a stand alone therapy or mixed with Reiki, energy work or any other healing modality.