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Living a Quantum Life by Paula Wratten

Have you ever wondered why some people with little seem happier and more centred than those who are perceived to have everything. Are you constantly chasing a dream that never manifests? These are all quantum perspectives and realities, and it is possible to change your life around and help others along the way. This book is dedicated to helping each person find the answers that so often elude us.

I wrote ‘Living a Quantum Life’ after many years working as a soul coach (psychic, clairvoyant), I noticed a common theme with my clients, they were stuck in a cycle of fear. This ranged from fear of being alone to losing a job. It seemed as if the simplicity of life had disappeared, joy, creativity, passion and fun were no longer on the spectrum of people’s lives. We are not taught these concepts at school; we leave academia with hardly any life skills and little information about other realities and ways of living.

Do you feel stuck?

  • Discover new simple techniques for finding inner bliss
  • Gain insight into the Law of Perception
  • Evolve to a new state of awareness
  • Become effortless at manifesting and creating a better life
  • Open and discover your link to the quantum and spirit world
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Living With A Psychic: by Tony Wratten

Tony Wratten shares fascinating insights into the world of living with a psychic, through the ups and downs of spiritual work written from a husband point of view. At times funny and scary as he takes you on a journey through nearly two decades of marriage to a psychic and medium.

Read Paula’s personal stories and insights into the afterlife and how a haunted house nearly ended her spiritual vocation.

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Sample Page – Introduction

This book was written for those of you interested in the paranormal and for people interested in the spiritual aspect but from a totally different perspective, Hopefully by reading my account of the experience of living with a psychic you can see through the eyes of the people who have to live with this phenomenon every day. It is not easy living day to day with someone who sees and speaks to dead people, I married Paula when I was 26 years of age and had little knowledge of the after life, for 18 years it has been a roller coaster ride of the unusual and at times very daunting, I have been possessed, frightened and enlightened, the amount of energy it takes to understand this whole process has at times questioned my sanity and rocked the very reality I live in.

Perhaps as you read through this book you will be aware how difficult it is for both parties to live within the concept of everyday life while living with the dead as a matter of normality. I will try to give you a glimpse of how it feels to be married to a medium and how the dead communicate and stay connected to us. I want the reader to understand the process and how I went from a sceptic to an interested and open minded partner, how the spirits have touched my life in an unexpected way. This book is written from an open minded perspective and how our world mysteries are a gift to us all. Over the years humour has played a big part of making sense of it all, I hope as you read through some of the funny experiences you will begin to see how I have learned to cope with some of the darker situations of mediumship.

A little about Me
My name is Tony Wratten, I was born in Truro, England, most of my life I lived in East Sussex and never really ventured far from there until I met and married Paula in 1996, I was 26 when we got married. I never really believed in ghosts or spirits, in fact I gave little thought to anything paranormal. That all changed the day I was introduced to Paula, within six weeks of meeting her we were married, my life changed forever, friends I had known all my life no longer got in contact, I became self employed something I never thought I would do, and this all happened with a few months, life was happening very fast, I suppose I never had time at the beginning to see the odd events that were going on around me, over time these things have a way of getting your attention and they certainly did. Would I change anything, not a chance, being married to a psychic has opened my eyes to a world that was closed from me for so long, do not have me wrong I still question things but with more of an open mind. I hope you enjoy the journey through this book and see the humour through my eyes, one thing it has taught me is life is precious, we can go through our life with our eyes closed or embrace the wonders and pass on our knowledge and learn to do the best we can with what we have, I owe my new way of thinking to my wife, I cant thank her enough for helping me to change my perceptions.

About Paula
Paula was born in Fulham in 1965, at the age of two she began to see and sense spirits often talking and pointing to things other people could not see, by the age of four the spirits were continually speaking to her and asking for help, her grandmother was a big influence in her life often encouraging the young Paula to talk about the ghosts and what she was seeing. In her twenties Paula became a beauty therapist but soon discovered her gifts would not go away, the business was sold and she turned her full attention to becoming a medium, she has written articles for Silent Voices Magazine, featured in several magazines, interviewed on radio and has developed a healing course and produced a series of music CDs.