Quantum healing ties in perfectly with all types of healing practices and works exceptionally well with coaches. As a Coach, Therapist or Healer, I know from my own experience that you follow a coaching model to the letter, help the coach identify obstacles, initiate their own goals and find their own answers to their problems – on a logical level that is.

But that isn’t always enough! Sometimes the coachee needs to go deeper, needs to heal an old memory, clear a negative block and visualise the future. This is where Quantum comes into its own. Quantum works on the principles of working with the Matrix of energy that surrounds us all and connects us to the world around us – that world being our reality.

Our reality is formed from conscious energy which comes from our thoughts, emotions and behaviours. What drives our thoughts and behaviours is our belief system, which can be inherited from our ancestors. We may not even know what beliefs we hold until we are able to access the deeper subconscious that stores all the information about the past, present and future. Some spiritual teachers call it the Akashic records. This is a place where all memories and events are stored and can be accessed through guided visualisation.

Quite often an event or memory is stored away without any conscious recollection. But on a day to day level, we know there is something holding us back or causing an issue. If you were to ask a client “why, don’t you feel x is possible for you?”, they may not be able to answer you. This is because the program running in their computer-like brain is holding on to the belief “I am not worthy” and no matter what they try and do, they just cannot reach their goal. So here is where as a Coach, Therapist or Healer, you may hit a road-block if you don’t understand how Quantum works on a fundamental level. Quantum is the energy that supports life itself, that we are Quantum energy, so we are living proof of our thoughts and emotions. Our life is expressed as it is because everything we think, we create – and that is us.

Quantum ties in with all healing practices as just being there for the client and holding a nurturing, supportive, non-judgmental space for that person is healing in itself. If you can show unconditional love and unconditional positive regard for your client or coachee, you are allowing them to see beyond the possible, to glimpse over the other side of their fear and doubt to explore the wonders and delights of the life they can create for themselves, once they understand themselves a whole lot better.

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