Our amazing body


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Our body is amazing it has the ability to heal itself, in the world of quantum physics there are many possibilities and variables, science is still trying to understand the mind and body connection, but in this equation consciousness is often thought of as something that cannot be scientifically proven.

In quantum theory, we are beginning to understand the nature of consciousness and how our thoughts can have a direct link to our physical, mental and emotional body. We now know that thought and intention can change the outcome of water molecules, we are made up of water, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen, when you look at the human body it is hard to see where consciousness would come into the science of the human anatomy.

But imagine that every emotion you ever had or experienced through other people became the very fabric of each and every cell in your body. Even in the womb the fetus can feel and absorb the emotions of the mother, if this is a harmful experience as the baby develops the emotions become embedded in the cellular memory and will eventually cause emotional, spiritual or physical blockages. As we grow through the various stages of life to adulthood we may not be aware of the impact that the actions of others have had on our thoughts and feelings about ourselves, these subtle messages are so embedded in the subconscious they can play out as a frequency that others may pick up on.Your emotions have become part of your cellular memory, for example, you may be successful in your work but money never seems to stay with you for long, as a child you may have grown up in an environment where you heard your parents talk of never having enough money to buy food or clothes, this imprinted on your cellular memory. The conscious mind may not register the imprint but on a subtle level you are playing out the role of scarcity. If it is not dealt with these emotions can manifest as stress or ill health, all the body is doing is flagging up what needs to be dealt with. Our emotions have a potent influence on our health and well being.

Sometimes even when we have had therapy and dealt with traumatic events and moved on with our lives, at some point it can show up as very real pain in the physical body, this is because the emotion has caused an imprint on the organ and it has not been released, many years can pass and a trigger event can act as a catalyst for the pain or dis-ease to start . A trapped emotion is merely an imbalance in the body, once we find the cause by tracking the original issue (emotion) that caused it we can initiate healing. Your subconscious mind can be compared to an enormous history book. It stores vast amounts of memory, in fact your body and mind are like a quantum computer with no limit on memory storage.

Every organ in your body has an intelligent response to emotions. Our brain is part of the story but certainly not the only intelligence in the body. Stories of transplant patients experiencing feelings and memory from the donor have been identified in recent years. This gives us some understanding on how we retain certain information in our cells and organs. This is very similar to a cd or record for storing data. Each organ relates to an emotion. Every traumatic event will have had an effect on the body, as humans we are not use to dealing with this ourselves we prefer to take a medication to help us, I am not saying medication does not have its place but much about our own healing has not been taught to us, blocked emotions are a major cause of ill health and once we release them balance can be restored to the body.

Lungs – Grief
Kidney / Bladder – Fear
Liver – Anger
Heart – Loss / Giving too much or not enough
Intestine / Betrayal
Spleen – spiritual expression
Gallbladder – Resentment / Bitterness

With quantum consciousness, we now know that dis-ease in the body can be tracked back to a single event which disturbed the bodies natural balance, unresolved emotions eventually became blockages and illness. We are now on the cutting edge of innovative technologies in health care, we now understand emotional welfare, a good diet, less stress and heart coherence are the way forward to a healthy and joyful life.