QHEH® Practitioner Training

Unique self-healing or therapist

This is an intensive two day training with you haven taken the online course modules. You will discover the power of healing, how to harness your own healing ability, where energy comes from, the different types of Energy Healing with a focus on Quantum Holographic Echo Healing® and you will learn a number of energy healing techniques which are simple, flowing and powerful to unlock your own innate healing abilities. You will experience deep profound guided meditations to access your higher levels of consciousness and spirit guides, you will open up the energy channels through which energy flows through your Chakras, resulting in an increase in Universal Energy and intuition.

What can QHEH® teach you?

Quantum Holographic Echo Healing® is a unique self-healing or therapist tool to bring about maximum healing to mind, body and soul. Each person carries an individual DNA memory; this contains the story of your spiritual and physical history.

We now know that we can change and mend the frequency and even travel through the ancestral line to repair any damage. The future of medicine can be transformed when we learn to heal our own bodies through frequencies and self-healing tools.

Quantum Holographic Echo Healing® takes you on a journey through the body’s energy grid out into the conscious energy field and releases toxic mental energy and core beliefs. Science and spiritualty merge to combine two powerful healing forces. The 5 stages of healing allow perfect balance to be restored within the physical mental and emotional energy grids. 

We are now on the frontier of a new wave of healing. 

What Is Quantum Holographic Echo Healing® ?

Quantum Holographic Echo Healing® is based on the idea that our physical bodies are holographic projections of our pure self or essence, which also exists in other dimensions. When we suffer illnesses it is because our physical manifestation has come into conflict with our pure holographic state. The objective of this evolutionary healing is to bring the body’s energy back into harmony with the physical body.

Theoretical Background

The theoretical foundation for Quantum Holographic Echo Healing® draws from traditional Indian medicine (ayurvedic) as well as from quantum mechanics in modern physics. Einstein’s E=MC2 (energy equals mass times the speed of light squared) lends itself to mean that the physical world is also an energy field projected as a hologram that is subject to manipulation.

Our work incorporates documented evidence from scientists, renowned in the new field of quantum physics and quantum mechanics. These scientists state that we have the ability to change our lives simply by changing our attitude to any perceived obstacle. Studies in this field indicate there is a consistent connection between the mind and physical matter, lending further evidence that our minds can alter any situation.

Holographic Universe

Quantum Holographic Echo Healing® believes that humans are three-dimensional beings in an infinite holographic universe. We receive information from the “quantum holograph” which determines the configuration of our three-dimensional lives.  Altering the quantum holograph by adjusting energy frequencies in the body that may have emanated from childhood or from somewhere in the past, thus changes a person’s reality and harmonises it in order to provide that person’s optimum holographic health.

Unblocking Life Energy

Quantum Holographic Echo Healing® is a system for bringing the mind and body into balance, thus reducing the risk of disease or trauma, both physical and emotional, caused by an imbalance.

“When an individual experiences trauma, energetic blocks are created in the body-mind-spirit system,” says Mary Schneider, founder of the Holographic Repatterning Institute in Austin, Texas. “These blocks prevent life energy from flowing freely through the system, resulting in disease in all aspects of life. Holographic  Echo Healing® removes these blocks and allows the life energy to flow freely.”

If you are new to this concept or are a therapist, medium, reiki, healer and would like to learn more in-depth and innovative ways of helping yourself or others, then this one day course will give you great insight into the next generation of healing techniques.

The QHEH® Course Syllabus

The Practicing Therapist
  • Brief outline on DNA and its mechanics

  • How to release energy blocks

  • Understanding the holographic energy field

  • How to repair the body energy matrix through various healing techniques

  • Learn how to reprogram DNA with sound frequencies

  • Understanding the DNA blueprint or life purpose

  • Understanding ancestral and descendant cell memory

  • Fixing inherited unconscious programming

  • How the body stores negative and positive emotions and the effects on the body on a cellular level

  • Learn how to clear and heal the holographic echo of each client

  • How to Earth the client and close the session

  • Professional Ethics

  • Working with Your Pendulum   

  • Opening Soul Space   

  • Clearing Space with Your Pendulum   

  • How to Remove Doubt in Your Ability   

  • How to Use Your Pendulum   

  • Time to Practice  (Yes/No)

  • Making a Quantum Connection   

  • Four Pillars Reading   

  • How To Connect with Your Client’s Quantum Field   

  • Connection to guides

  • Benefits of this treatment

  • Client form and First enquiry set up

  • Preparing for your session:

  • Client Consultation

  • How to Perform a Session

  • How much to charge your client

  • Health and safety

  • Insurance

  • Code of Ethics

  • Accreditation

Case Studies

How to conduct your cases studies


Our QHEH Practitioner Course is currently closed to new students. Fill in the form to be notified as soon as we are accepting new enrollments.

Quantum Holographic Echo Healing® , is the result of years of researching and working with energy. Quantum Holographic Echo Healing® can be used as a self-treatment therapy and there is a course for those that wish to train in Quantum Holographic Echo Healing® .

This unique therapy takes you on a guided journey to self healing by raising the consciousness of your thoughts, beliefs & emotions by first using our ground breaking systemic energy system to interpret negative energetic imprinting causing a disruption or disturbance in your field and energetic flow.

Your Energy Is Everything.

Join the Quantum Holographic Healing Course to:

Boosts self-esteem and confidence

Freedom from anxiety and doubt

Restores a positive outlook and attitude towards life

Mental alertness and clarity

Improved concentration and memory

The ability to make decisions more easily

The ability to stay calm and manager difficult situations more effectively

Reduced stress

And so much more…




Your thoughts, your mind and emotions are interlinked in complex ways. Chakra Alchemy reveals how energy healing can have transformational change to your own life and the lives of others.

The course is the perfect foundation to QHEH Practitioner. This course will outline what Alchemy is, how it first began and how it is used in the modern day to transform negative beliefs into positive life affirmations. You’ll discover the common belief systems and philosophies that Spiritual Alchemists share, including the importance of practicing spiritual invocations and chakra rituals. While this gives you a base understanding, the way you practice, and your own philosophies will add flavour to the way you live out your daily spiritual practices.