Quotes from QHEH Therapists

Angie Simpkiss-Handley
I am already half way through another course called Quantum jumping however, QHEH is far superior to this and to other healing courses I have attended.

I found the healing session absolutely fascinating. The technique’s helped me reprogramme some of my thinking that had I believe had resulted in my breast cancer. The session helped me unblock some held beliefs from the Victorian era! (Past Life issues) It helped me understand the massive effect your mind has on your physical state.

I highly recommend the Quantum Healing Course as a practical, down-to-earth day. We learnt how to access our energy field to help heal ourselves of an inherited or troubling life pattern..each of us gaining remarkable and very quick insights into a root cause of our issues, with definite healing as a result, visible to all.

What can I say about this course? It was like a ground tremor through my belief framework. Suddenly, I recognised how fears, traits and more have their origins in karmic ‘baggage’ and how the insightful and effective techniques of Quantum Healing and Holographic Echo Imprinting can clear and heal us. Seemingly random responses now have causality and the world just somehow makes more sense.

Victoria Weatherer – QHEH Therapist

I have done many training courses in my 17 years as a therapist and this was one of my favourites. Everything is explained very clearly and I learnt a lot from the basics to the more in depth. I love this therapy, it has personally helped me with my M.E and that’s why I was so eager to share with my clients.

As a new therapist, I was attracted to this course as it offered a unique and exciting approach to healing and would be something completely different to offer clients but could also complement hypnotherapy and reiki.

Gill Bourne – QHEH
As a busy holistic therapist and spiritual healer, I am always looking for ways to help my clients to the best of my ability, to open up pathways and healing to greater help them heal and move out of stuck energy!

I teach Reiki and have for ten years, it is in its self very calming and releasing, recognizing dis ease within others or self is an important part of the therapy.

Yasemin Uslu
It was great to be there in a friendly environment and I loved the content of the course.
It was clear and well structured. I feel completely different now, so I am sooo happy with it.