I’m so excited that you’ve chosen to be one our Sub-Educators and I can’t wait to help you on this new journey.

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Check your Email

There should be a little email nestled in your inbox with log in details. You’ll need these to access the Dashboard so you can get started on your Sub-Educator journey straight away. Just hit the Log in section and start your journey.

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Say hi!

Why not join our busy QHEH Facebook page. It’s full of like minded people who are on a journey to transform their lives just like you! Let us know what course you are taking and how you are enjying it, we would love to know where in the world you are from and learn more about your spiritual journey so far!


Where to Start

If you’re not sure where to start as a Sub-Educator and you’re feeling overwhelmed, just give me a shout and I can help.

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