The Story: Quantum Holographic Echo Healing™

​Quantum Holographic Echo Healing™ has been at the frontier of healing for the last several years and has been featured in many magazines as a new wave of healing therapy. Anne-Marie Mayers is the new owner of the business after a long standing relationship with the founder Paula Wratten, Paula felt the time has come for Anne-Marie to take Quantum to the next level by incorporating new modules based on Anne-Marie vast experience as a Life-Coach and Metaphysical Healer.

Paula’s Story of how Quantum was born

You could say out of chaos comes order and the story of Quantum Holographic Echo Healing™ rings very true to that saying.

During a severe illness I was gifted knowledge that would change my life. It helped me to recover and made me look at the world from a completely new perspective. It really helped me through a very difficult time, which is why I now teach this healing system to others. And by using Quantum Holographic Echo Healing™ you too can take control of your own natural health, well-being and give yourself the life that you desire.

“This is my story” – Paula Wratten:

As a medium you get use to using up all your energy, helping people that need your time and support. When you feel tired, 9 times out of ten you put it down to the work you do.

About two years ago I started to feel really unwell, to the point where I could not get up in the morning. My kidneys started to hurt and I had a constant pain in my back. After several blood tests I was diagnosed as critically low on iron. I was very relieved I had confirmation that I wasn’t losing my mind and the tiredness could be explained. The pain persisted in my kidneys and after many months of antibiotics, blood in my urine, ultra sound and blood tests nothing was sorted.

My illness came to a head in March 2012 when I couldn’t keep anything in my body and I became very ill. As I am a private person I would work in agony and tried my best to hide how I was feeling. I thought I was going to die and was getting very low emotionally.

The weather that week was hot and sunny but I could not get warm at all. I took myself to bed and within hours I was screaming in agony with a pain in my left side. A doctor was called out and after an examination he confirmed that my intestine was infected, which caused a toxic reaction in my system. I looked 9 months pregnant! I was given morphine based drugs but within an hour I had an allergic reaction and suffered a seizure. I don’t remember much after that as I was out of it for over a week. When I finally came to I began to remember my dreams and a near death experience.

I had crossed over

I had crossed over and met my mother, who passed away some 5 years ago. She told me to go back as it was not my time. On the way through the light I saw what I can only describe as a hologram of vibrating light and millions of dots of light scattered within. The feeling I had, as I travelled closer to this light-field, was that we were all the dots connected to this energy and the energy connected us to everything. I felt I would never be afraid of dying after knowing this.

After this experience I could not tolerate milk, wheat or gluten, which was very odd. I decided to take my health into my own hands and see if it could put the experience to good use. I removed all the toxins from my body and worked on some very raw emotional stuff too and I used techniques I was shown in my vision, to remove unwanted emotions.

I started to feel better very quickly and people commented on how well I looked. I began to write down what I knew about this quantum energy and a new healing started to manifest. Synchronicity started to take place and I knew this healing could be used to help others. I tried to mix it with other things but knew in my heart that it needed to remain true to its origins.

Quantum Holographic Echo Healing™ had been birthed

And so, Quantum Holographic Echo Healing™ had been birthed. The journey I had experienced taught me that we need to remove the negative energy, that is blocking us from seeing this wonderful energy. Emotions get stuck within us and we do have the power to remove them, we have just been switched off from knowing the truth.

Whether it was the morphine that had caused the vision, or the fact I was already studying quantum and DNA theories – and my brain had switched this on – I will never know. But what I do know is that I could see all our lights as humans, our interconnection with each other, and how that connects to a grid system. We are not divided in any way, only by our own limited view. If we could all see that light vibration and know the truth it would set us all free.

Since teaching Quantum Holographic Echo Healing™ , to therapists and clients, I have seen and heard amazing results, as a direct effect of the healing. As we live in an evolutionary environment, I am still “downloading” more information about the universe we live in, which has lead to further, exciting, advanced developments in the healing system.

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