The journey of self-realisation has been split into four distinct stages to help you on the awakening process to discover your true identity.



“It is done unto you”


At the first stage, we are right at the very start of our journey, it may feel like you have a long way to go as your sense of self is lacking and you no longer feel whole or self-validated. The external world puts pressure on you, which subconsciously or sometimes consciously effects how we view ourselves. You will concern yourself with your body image, your relationship status, your job title, what car you drive or how much money you have etc.

External pressures subconsciously determine your value to yourself. There are other restricting external authorities that mould and shape the way we live our lives from governments, job, money, family, religion and if we struggle to follow any of these pre-defined rules, we judge ourselves and this, in turn, will lower self-validation and our identity.

Thoughts such as “Why does this always happen to me?” crop up on a regular basis, you feel hard done by, by outside factors. You are convinced the world is out to get you and nothing you can do to change that.

Often, we bring ourselves out of this state pretty quickly; questioning our existence, new ideas, a light bulb moment, “There must be more to life than this…” becomes your new motto. This is your soul taking that first step on our spiritual quest to self-consciousness. This is the time to surrender any blame, regret or shame, it is time to move on.



“It is done unto you as you believe”

The second stage is where we start to physically move along the pathway of our journey to self-consciousness. We actively take steps now to improve ourselves, making lists, setting goals, and visualising how we want to be. Spiritually and subconsciously striving for more. Our spiritual side can help you achieve these goals and attainments soon, through meditation and affirmation; the power within you will grow. Your longing for better will blossom, and in turn, you will want and need to achieve it. You begin to realise that your life is whatever you make of it, and you have a lot of control in how you build, maintain and sustain whatever you put your mind to.

As we move on to the third stage of our journey, your sense of self is becoming more controlled, you need to keep this control as you realise that the world or even God does not control you, you do, and to fulfil your life is up to you.



“Not I, but the Power within me doeth the work”

By stage three you are already over half way through your journey, a journey that felt so far at the beginning, self-consciousness felt a million miles away at the start. But now, you’re here. Your self-confidence and power are growing, you are challenging the norm and making incredible steps along the pathway to self-consciousness.

Looking inside ourselves to find the power that we can use – and actually finding it – generates more power within you.  As our meditation and prayer become a substantial and necessary part of our lives we become more focused on the end goal, the end of our long journey, we leave our ego behind, moving forward into self-transcendence.

We find inner validation and realise that all of the things that felt so important to us way back in Stage One, money, opinions of other, body image etc, do not hold such a great authority over us any longer. You respond to your internal guidance, not the external world.

As you approach the fourth and final stage of your journey you have to have to yield any lingering sense of separation.



“I and the Presence are One”

Stage four, the final step on this powerful journey, one that can change the way you see yourself and the world around you forever.  Long gone are the feelings that haunted you in stage one, hopefully, you will not have to feel that way again. The fourth stage is the feeling of wholeness. We are aware of our own presence, the presence of God and the presence of the world around us. We know our true nature. The searching for who we are is over, we know. We know and appreciate our own selves. The journey was a long and sometimes tough road. We fought with our own inner demons and came out the other side stronger and much better for it. We finally arrived at our destination, home.

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