Quantum physics is kind of weird and rather mind boggling, so I will do my best to explain it in its most simplest form. Scientists have many theories about how the world works and they are always searching for answers to the big question why are we here?

Quantum physics can seem contradictory from the get-go and it is a word that conjures up a scene from a science fiction movie like Star Trek or The Matrix. It is a phenomenon in nature and can seem counter-intuitive. Physicists argue about the the possibilities and theories, but what is proven explains the nature of what our reality is made of, and this is what I want to teach people so they can use it for their own benefit for healing and manifestation.

I used to love physics at school. I remember being totally enthralled when I discovered that the chair I was sitting on was nothing but a mass of vibrating particles! There are lots of places to start this sort of discussion, and this is as good as any: The Quantum Wave Theory. Everything in the universe has both particle and wave nature at the same time. Everything in the universe has wave nature and everything in the universe also has particle nature. This seems completely crazy, but it is an experimental fact and, what is even more crazy, the outcome of the experiment was effected by the observing, proving that Quantum Particles behaved in a certain way when being observed, and acted like a wave when not being observed. There are other proportions to this which I won’t discuss here (such as localisation) as it is too incomprehensible and not really necessary to understand.

In the movie Star Wars, Princess Leia’s 3d hologram comes to life with the aid of a laser beam. Luke Skywalker is mesmerized as her ghostly figure calls out for assistance.

But what is even more astounding is that some scientists are beginning to believe the universe itself is a kind of giant hologram.

Now here is where I get really excited. There is evidence to suggest that everything we see, touch, feel and experience in this world, from your pet dog to your children, car and body are only holographic images, projections from a reality so far from our own – beyond time and space. Okay so… thank you for reading this, have a nice life and Goodbye! Wait wait! I’m not crazy honestly! Read on:

Thankfully I have some evidence to back this absurd statement up. The main big thinkers of this astonishing idea is one of the world’s most respected quantum physicists at the University of London, physicist David Bohm (a protege of Einstein) and Karl Pribram, a neurophysiologist at Stanford University and author of the classic neuropsychological textbook, Languages Of The Brain.

As most discoveries inventions and ideas go, Bohm and Pribram, whilst working independently of each other, arrived at their conclusions simultaneously (a topic for another day).

Bohm, dissatisfied with the unanswered questions that lay within the current standard model’s lack of ability to explain all of phenomena encountered in quantum physics, became increasingly convinced of the holographic model. Due to the failure of standard theories of the brain to explain certain questions and quandaries relating to neurophysiology, Pribram also became convinced that the holographic model explained a number of unanswered questions.

Even though the two scientists, Bohm and Pribram, came from different angles, they soon realised the holographic model explained a number of other mysteries as well, such as the strange ability of a partially deaf person (with hearing in only one ear) being able to determine the direction from which a sound originates, and how we can recognize the face of a person we haven’t seen for many, many years even though that person has changed considerably in the interim.

The holographic model has made sense of a wider, more elusive scientific phenomenon such as telepathy, precognition (feelings of oneness with nature and the universe) and psychokinesis (or the ability to move objects with the mind).

In 1980 at the University of Connecticut, psychologist Dr Kenneth Fling proposed that even near-death experiences could be explained by the holographic model. The president of the International Association For Near-Death Studies believes that near-death experiences are nothing more than a shift in the person’s consciousness from one level of the hologram’s reality to another.

Which leads me on to conclude that there are multiple realities available to us at any given time, and it is only our beliefs, our current patterns of thought processes and behaviors that keep us focused on creating our current reality. Think about a situation you are in right now that feels impossible to change. Now imagine having the ability to change your perception of that reality and create a new one. How different would your life be if you believed you had the capability to create a new reality for yourself and create new opportunities? Every possibility is available to you once you understand what you are made from.

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