As a therapist, your knowledge goes only as deep as your training…

Quantum energy goes deep into the understanding of the fundamental laws and mechanics that govern life, the universe and beyond. Learning about Quantum Holographic Echo Healing will provide a therapist with the broadest understanding of physical and spiritual law, going as far as understanding DNA and inherited energy dysfunction.

As a therapist you work on the client, which is possibly in a largely linear fashion. Take hands-on healing or hypnotherapy, two very different therapies and both very effective in their own right. These therapies have a positive effect on a client, but it won’t be getting to the core issue of the energy that caused the problem in the first place. Healing practitioners harness universal energy into the chakras (or energy field) of the person – but do they know why that person has created illness in the first place? Or what energy body it first started in? Or how to deal with ancestral DNA that needs cleaning up and healing? What thoughts and beliefs are running in that person’s subconscious programming, and how can they change them to create what they DO want instead of what they don’t want?

Our physical bodies are composed of matter, which we can see. Quantum physics recognises that this matter is also energy, which most of us cannot see.

Because we are energy beings, our energy body infuses with the physical body and radiates up to several feet outside of it. It is our energy body that forms an energy blueprint for what happens in the physical body.

Modern physics confirms the existence of energy. All matter is made up of atoms, which in turn are composed of sub-atomic particles (electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks etc.), all of which are in constant vibrational motion and separated by vast amounts of empty space. Einstein’s famous equation shows us that matter and energy are inter-changeable (E = mc2) that is, matter is simply another form of energy. If your client is left with the program of poverty running in their hologram (their energy matrix), then the client will never lead a life other than that of living in poverty or fearing living in poverty, and so never being able to enjoy money or life fully even if financially, they are well off.

Here is how the belief or programming of the client in their hologram shapes their reality. Quantum Physics has shown that the behaviour of sub-atomic particles is directly affected by the act of being observed. One of the fundamental laws of Quantum Physics says that an event in the sub-atomic world exists in all possible states until the act of observing or measuring it pins it down to a single state (“collapse of the wave function”). By the simple act of observing, the observer becomes part of the system and influences the energetic outcome by becoming part of the client’s hologram.

All of this sounds very strange and weird but energy healing is based on this very principle – what I think I create. Or, in the words of Buddha: “We are what we think, and all that we are, arises with our thoughts”. Thus, the practitioner influences the energies of the client’s system. As a practitioner if you don’t understand the individual energetics of the client then you will be putting your own beliefs on to the client thus interfering with the best possible outcome for the client.

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